Friday, January 14, 2011

Another productive Friday!

I actually went to bed fairly early last night, even considering that I didn't have to work today. I was able to get up early enough to meet my sister for breakfast, at our favorite spot for the BEST deal on breakfast. Seriously, the diner that we go to has a GREAT breakfast deal, Monday through Friday. You have to get there before 10, so we're always rushing out the door, and just making it there! It was so funny, the first time we went, I thought our waitress gave us the wrong check. No lie - our check today: 2 coffee, 2 small OJ, 1 eggs/bacon/toast/homefries, 1 eggs/scrapple/toast/homefries for a grand total of - $8.51 I kid you not. Is that not a great deal for breakfast? I don't think I could go anywhere else and get that deal for even ONE person. So then after a quick breakfast, I made my run to the store for cleaning stuff, came home and cleaned, threw in a load of laundry and headed back out to register for an online course I'm taking through our community college. I can't wait! It's a non credit course, so that stinks but at least it's something I can add to my resumé - since it's an admin medical course.
Then my sister invited me to my niece's Family Involvement Day - so that was a nice treat! My niece had no idea I was coming so she was pretty surprised when I walked in! The theme was Winnie The Pooh - apparently it's his birthday so they had all these Pooh-themed activities. It was really cute. The kids were so happy that their moms and dads came. I always get so upset when I see a child who didn't have anyone show. My niece took my hand and led me around the room showing me her cubby and some of her works of art. She was very proud. : ) Finally, my sis and I ended up back at my house, ordered take out and relaxed a bit. Now I'm so tired and can't wait to just fall into my comfy bed and stay under the covers until my big blue eyes open tomorrow. But that really doesn't work because my husband's idea of sleeping in is until about 7 and I feel like a bum if I stay in bed.


  1. That is by far the most amazing deal on breakfest! I'm impressed!! I'm happy you're there for your niece; both of mine don't live anywhere near me :(

    Love, Mere

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Mere! Sorry you're not living near your nieces but they're always close in heart and that means more than distance!


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