Friday, December 10, 2010

TGIF - Amen!

Lots of errands to run today. Ok, not lots but enough. First I have to pay the sewer bill that I seemed to have forgotten about & then I'm off to Wegman's to drop off a picture for my niece's birthday cake. Guess what it's a picture of? Justin "Beaver". That's what she calls him; so funny. Yes, that's what kind of cake she wanted. My sister, I think, is worried that she's all into a boy but I think it's totally harmless. She's almost 5 - it's cute. So her party is at the skating rink tomorrow and initially I wanted to partake and skate but now I'm rethinking it. I haven't skated in years so I should just watch and help chaperone, right? :) It should be a lot of fun. It was planned at the same place last year but then we got all that awful "S" word and the rink closed. My sister never had a chance to reschedule either. That stinks. I'll post some pictures from the party.. hopefully none will be off me on my butt!

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  1. You'll have an absolute blast, I'm sure!! I can't stand Justin "Beaver" but I'm glad she like him :) Have a GREAT weekend <3

    Love, Mere


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