Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas has come and gone so fast!

All the planning & crazy shopping for weeks - even months - and it's all over that quickly? Wow. Christmas was a wonderful day as always for me. It's never about the gifts for me; it's always about the time we get to spend with family. It's what I really treasure the most about it. On Christmas morning, my sisters and I usually go to my dad's (with our spouses/significant others) and we exchange gifts with my dad and stepmom and then enjoy a nice home cooked breakfast. Then Jeff and I go to his parent's home for a late lunch/early dinner and spend time with his family there. Finally, Jeff and I come back home and spend the rest of the night with my mom and usually my brother when we exchange gifts and have some light fare. My sisters will usually stop by before calling it a night too. It's always a busy day full of great times spent with family. I had to work the day after Christmas this year, which I haven't done in a long time. It really sucked to have to get up early in the morning and trudge to work. I should've planned my vacation time better and I could've saved a day or two to use this month. But oh well.
One of my favorite parts of Christmas day is when we go to church. I always like going to church but on Christmas, it just seems so different. It's a feeling that I can't quite explain. My only gripe is all the people who don't step foot near the church all year and then decide to make their once-a-year visit on Christmas. It's always been something that annoyed me. I couldn't believe how many people were there! The church was filled to capacity, so much so that people had to start lining the walls and standing. Craziness. But I guess I can't fault them entirely, at least they went, right? Ok, rant over. Sorry. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday with your families, whether it was Christmas or Hannukah, Kwanzaa.

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