Saturday, July 24, 2010

Marital Bliss

After you get married, everyone starts to ask "how's married life?" when they see you.. And I can tell you, for me, it hasn't changed life much. Jeff and I were together just shy of 9 years before we got married so all that's changed is we live together in our own home now and I have a new last name. Otherwise, not much has changed. I guess in a way, you feel a different kind of bond. And we do feel that closeness. Of course, when friends ask you "how's married life?", you just say "It's cool"... They don't REALLY want to hear all the mushy stuff and how you've really started to become ONE together, even though they did ASK. :) Then, after you've been through that round of questions, you start to get the "When are you having kids? ARE you having kids?" ... and that is the question I don't really ever know how to answer. (whole other post). But married life has been great. We're 3 months in already... So hard to believe it's been 3 months since that beautiful day. So many people think that after a certain amount of time, things change.. or as some put it, "The honeymoon's over".. but for Jeff and me, that hasn't happened. And I hope it doesn't. We've been together almost 10 years and we still act as if it's brand new. He still holds doors for me, speaks highly of me to friends and family, we tell each other EVERY day "I love you", kiss goodbye and goodnight.. Like two newly "in love" people would. Jeff's old fashioned in a lot of ways and gets much of that from his father, which I really appreciate about him. Sometimes, out of nowhere, he'll just look at me and say "Do you know you're beautiful?" It's like he's looking at me for the first time & I love that. Some of our friends say it's "disgusting". Don't hate! HAHAHA

I've got so many pictures to develop still and so many albums to fill. Hell, we haven't even picked up our professional photos yet. We'll get there but we just haven't had the extra $500 laying around. haha Probably in the next month or two, we'll get them. Can't wait to see them. But I have so many photos from everyone else for now, I'm happy with those. At least for the albums we have at home to fill. We didn't do a big honeymoon because we wanted to do some things around the house, so we took some day trips to Lancaster, PA and Smithville, NJ. It was a nice time just shopping and sight seeing and not worrying about anything. Even if just for a little while. It was awesome.. I'll get some pics up soon. Not sure if anyone would want to sit and watch it, but maybe I'll post my wedding video and definitely some more pictures.

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