Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend's over

for me at least. I work Sunday thru Thursday, if ya haven't already figured that out. All the fun posts I do on Fridays. So the pig roast was different. Seeing the pig was a bit odd. Everyone was telling me to go "Check it out". So, I reluctantly walked up to the smoker (or whatever it's called) & I peeked at the pig. It was pretty strange. Nasty. Then I hurried back to my place on the back steps, far away from it. I told Jeff I felt like I was at a viewing and I'd just done my thing at the casket. Eww! It was that weird, yes. Needless to say, I didn't eat any of the 'pork'.. but it did smell delicious. It was just something about seeing it that made me never want to eat pork again. Hot dogs, bologna.. bleh! But aside from my swine aversion, I enjoyed seeing Katie & Dan and the added bonus to my day was that I got to hold, not one, but TWO babies! They were precious! Boy & a girl. Not the same family of course, and the funny thing was, the infant boy I held was someone's whom I'd never met before today! That was pretty crazy but he was a sweet lil thing. I have such motherly instinct, I really do. But, my having children, is another post all it's own. Hell, it's probably another BLOG all it's own. So we came home, cooked up a Target pizza we got for $2.66 and I watched the movie Taking Chance. It was ok.. I did get teary eyed on some parts.. and it seemed like it was a short movie. I would recommend it, I suppose. Evidently it was a true story, and I didn't know that before I watched it. I'm hoping to get out and see the new movie Precious soon. That'll be a ladies night at the movies. Well, I'm off to bed. Sunday @ 8 am comes early & I have to stop and get gas first, so my big blue eyes need to open way sooner than usual.

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