Saturday, May 16, 2009

A prayer rant & prayer request

Do you know how sometimes you've told your friends/aquaintances about something going on in your life, and suddenly your Facebook & MySpace comments start being flooded with "Praying for you"??.. This annoys me. Why? Because half of the people who say it, don't really mean it. I'd rather someone not even say that if they're really not going to actually stop and say a prayer. I know it seems strange for me to get all riled up about it but I do. Praying is powerful and sacred. When I say I'm praying for someone, I do. I have many 'real-life' and virtual friends who I know live their lives with prayer, so I trust that I'm in their prayers when I've asked them to please keep me in them or even to say a little extra for me. When the people who I know are "throwing" around the "I'll pray for you" phrase, and I know full well that they don't really even worship/believe, I wish I could get a moment to go to them and say "Ok, here I am, now let's hear it"... and I know that they'd get all tongue-tied and not even know where to start... Granted there is no right or wrong way to pray when you do, but it just irks me when people say that... who I know have NO intention and haven't prayed in years or a day in thier life. that I'm off the soap box, a prayer request: For my mom.. she is going for a mammogram this coming Friday... she has a lump in her breast (and has for a while).. PLEASE PRAY THAT WE GET SOME POSITIVE RESULTS FROM THIS WHEN THE TIME COMES AND THAT EVERYTHING TURNS OUT TO BE OK. She is super scared about this and truth be told, I am too. Just trying to be strong for her and be optimistic. She found out only recently that a cousin and an aunt of hers (on her mother's side) both had Breast Cancer ... they're in remission now and doing well but it's scary because now we know that it runs in the family.
Thank You

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