Saturday, January 17, 2009

Had to go 'warm' on the layout...

It's too darn cold out right now!! And it was just making me shiver, looking at my blog background, with all the snow etc.. Can we not just skip over this cold weather & impending snow and go right to spring. Oh how I love spring.. and miss it so. To think that I was wearing sandals all last night!
That brings me to my next topic.... Girls Night Out. Oh, it was very eventful.. as always. In a good way though. We had a lot of fun and of course, took plenty of incriminating
pictures. Going to bed at 5 and getting up around 9 a.m. just doesn't work for this old lady anymore. I think my days of all-nighters are behind me. Could it be??! All in all, it really was a great time and so great to get out and have good old fashioned, harmless fun with "just the girls". There's always lots of laughs. We started out at The Pub as planned, had some grub there.. which was mediocre, even for bar food. The waitress was really not with it. We're still talking about that. Whew! She was quite the space cadet. Lately, my pet peeve is bad service in a restaurant. And I'm pretty sure that The Irish Pub doesn't have heat. It was SOOOO cold in this place, it was ridiculous. Sheesh, sounds like I'm complaining an awful lot.. Well, after we got back to the hotel where we would eventually go dancing at The Pool, we were fine. We had some in room drinks... to celebrate before we headed out. I honestly have no idea what we were drinking but it was said that I made the best "concoction". Actually, it was a real drink, Jenny brought the recipe with her. And Em brought THE biggest bottle of champagne I'd ever seen. At one point, the girls just wanted some old fashioned brewskis, so we looked at the room serive menu and wow, domestic beers were $6 per bottle.. Not bad right?? Not at all. So 10 mins later, 6 beers are ordered and here comes the nice little room service lady (is there a proper name for her, like concierge or is that a door person?) Anyhoo, the woman knocks on the door and says "Hello, $51.20, please"... WHAT!!!!!????? Are you serious...?? Oh yes, she was serious. I don't remember off the top of my head how they broke it down, but it was something along the lines of gratuity, service charge, ...something, something, ... I don't know really..but holy moly, it was $50 for 6 beers. I could have bought 2 cases for that, or even a keg! I personally would have told the lady we changed our minds. The bottles weren't opened or anything, so I'm sure it was an option. Aside from that, The Pool was pretty neat. There were 2 big pools in there with jacuzzis throughout, and the music was awesome too. We danced so much, my poor feet were aching like you wouldn't believe so I eventually took my shoes off, which normally I wouldn't do, but there was tons of chlorine on the floor that I ended up soaking my pant legs in several times. Yes, we had a grand old time in A.C. .. as always. We must do it again soon.

Oh and before I forget, yes, they did chicken out and DID NOT go in the ocean. Thank goodness for that... I already told them ahead of time that I would not sit in the ER with them while they waited to have their hypothermia assessed.

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