Sunday, December 07, 2008

Knock, Knock... Who's there?

Old man winter! Yikes, is it cold out or what? It's that kind of cold where it hits you right in the face and almost takes your breath away. Actually it literally did last night... My sister went to say something when she stepped outside and sucked up a gust of wind.. and well, it took her breath away. Funny how that works.
I'm trying to catch up.. it's been a while, naturally. What a busy weekend. Friday night I watched my precious niece - Jeff and I took her to the Christmas bazaar at our church and then we picked up our Christmas cards. Which by the way turned out really well. Then Saturday, my sister and I made the annual trek over to G-Boys in Marlton for our picture with Santa. It's so sweet to see the pictures of Maya through the years. I say that like she's graduating high school when in reality she's only turning 3 .. but you know what I mean. Monday is the last day of school for me... it's not really a day of school, because we're really just "showing up" to get our certificates and then we're heading over to have a mini get together, to wrap things up, at Charlie Brown's. I picked that place because it's close by. Everyone in the class has been really nice and I'd like to keep in touch with them actually, so hopefully we all make the effort to do so. I've already started sending in my résumé to various places (shhhh!!).. so hopefully something comes through for me. I'm going where the money is... & the benefits. (At least that's my goal). Hard to believe that 2008 is almost over already! Sheesh!
What is everyone doing for New Year's Eve? Or is it too early for that yet?
I saw that Penn's Landing has a nice event going on for NY Eve... that I'm actually considering. I've done all of the crazy, loud, drunken New Year's Eve parties, (either hosting or attending).. and now I'm at an age where I want something a little more low key. I'll save those other crazy, loud, drunken nights for another time. =)
My niece's birthday party at Bounce U is this weekend and I think it's sure to be a good time. Of course this is the party that is mostly for the kids... we'll do the 'ol adults -kids - mostly family- birthday cake-on-her-real-birthday-celebration on the 22nd. Did I just confuse you? Sorry.
After this post, I'm off to bed -- I'm really exhausted after a long day at work and a grocery shopping trip to Wegman's... {I love Wegman's by the way}... I used to think they were a big showy, high end grocery store but now I know otherwise! We were so hungry when we got there which is always a bad thing... but we ended up stopping mid-shop, and got a slice of pizza.... which was really yummy until I looked down and positioned perfectly in my cheese was a cute little.......... gnat. I didn't say anything at first, I just put my hand out to my sister and said "Do you want that, or can I eat it?"... she looked, gasped, decided she hated her slice of pizza .. while all I could do was laugh... because it never fails. If someone is going to end up with a foreign object in their's always me.
So, there ya have it... My weekend in a gnat-shell. I mean, nut shell.

Good Gnat, sleep tight.

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