Sunday, December 21, 2008

I don't like snow....

Nope.. I really don't. My apologies; all you snow-loving-snowman-building-angel-making bloggers. I really hope that we don't get it this year ..or at least that we don't get that much. I do love the way that it sets and how it lights up the room through the blinds in the morning but for the most part, me no likey.
I guess I would rather have snow than ice if I had to choose though.
Okey. 'Nuff about snow.
Work is so stinkin' boring today. I seriously think I may have run out of websites to peruse. Remember that commercial where the guy/girl surfs the entire internet or says that she/he reached the end of it? Or something? That's what keeps coming to mind and it makes me laugh. Five o'clock is just not going to get here fast enough today is it? We've got to put the finishing touches on the tree tonight and get the nativity set up. I did a lot of hanging, stapling last night and I think it's starting to come together. We have to have it all done this evening because tomorrow is my precious niece's birthday and the family is coming over for cake. Yes, the staple gun is my new best friend. I was a stapling fiend last night! It really is the answer to securing those pesky Christmas tree lights all over the house - ie; in doorways, etc. Scotch tape just does not cut it and any other kind of tape (duct, electrical, masking..) is just plain tacky.
Well in other news: I'm off to find some info on why our washer is pouring out water when we run it. Oh, Lord!
Have a Happy Sunday ~

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