Sunday, December 28, 2008


It came & it went. The End.

Just kidding. Christmas was awesome... gifts galore & lots of family 'together time'. I wish every day were like Christmas.. with the family all together, spending time and enjoying each others' company... Not to mention eating like we'd never eaten and not feeling guilty because "it's the holidays". I also wish every day were like Christmas in that all of the "once a year" church goers would actually go to church regularly and not just show up on Christmas Eve/Christmas. That really irritates me and I'm not quite sure why... I guess for obvious reasons.
Anyhoo - Maya made out like a bandit with all of her goodies .. and I didn't do too bad either. People really like me! Again; just kidding. The only negative thing about Christmas this year?? I was (and still am a bit) miserably sick. In bed early on Christmas night and spent the better half of Friday in bed as well. I didn't roll out of bed til after 3 p.m. I wasn't sleeping all that time either, but my body just wouldn't allow me to get up and around. Saturday was much the same although I felt significantly better by this time. I'm still sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head... (wait, am I quoting the Nyquil commercial). Of course I am. But that's how I've felt. The sneezing is way out of control! Jeff and I were in the mall last night (how crazy are we??) and I had such a sneezing spell, he was really taken aback. I used to worry about all of those consecutive sneezes - don't they say that each time you sneeze, your heart stops or skips a beat or something to that tune? I'll have to check that out - AGAIN. So I'm back to work after a nice(?) 3 days off and then I work Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, and then I'm off for another 3, during which I hope to be over this torturous winter cold. No plans or New Year's Eve .. probably just the usual of meatballs in the crockpot and other light fare (I like that word when referring to food!)... in the hopes that some friends/family might stop by. Could it be the end of another year already??
Dare I even mention New Year's resolutions? Nah, not in this post. Maybe next.
Oh and lest I forget!! I made the Funfetti cake & it was a hit!
Pictures to follow...

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