Wednesday, October 08, 2008

When the cat's away.. the mouse will

Blog! My boss has left for the afternoon, so now I'm not paranoid about being on the internet as much.
Amy motivated me to post more often.. by giving me props for two in a row without months between them! So here I am! Tuesday was hump day, as tomorrow is the end of my work week. Even after 4 years here I still debate whether I like this schedule or if I'd prefer a regular Monday thru Friday. I like having my Fridays off when most everyone else is working.. Shopping is a breeze during the morning/early afternoon hours; that's for sure.
So, school is pretty good - (I think!) The instructor is a bit wacky and we're all still trying to figure what the hell is going on with her! This is my second week which makes it technically 4 nights that I've attended (tonight being the 4th).. and of those 3 we've had already, she has dismissed us early. The class runs 6 til 9 and each of the times she dismissed early, we left before 8. That doesn't seem like a big problem, and it might not be if we felt like we were actually learning something. We have yet to actually be "taught" anything. Honestly. We've been assigned chapters to read, and terminology to study.. we made up charts for our "patients" .. created an office letterhead etc.. but she has not actually stood up and talked about anything or went over chapters with us. She instructs us to do the Maevis Beacon typing tutorial at EVERY class.. and quite frankly, I'm sick of that woman! I type/do data entry ALL day at my full time job, so when I get to school, the last thing I want to do is beat my fingers to a pulp so more!
I fully expect to receive a certificate for this class upon completion; as well as a nice case of Carpal Tunnel! I'm not tooting my own horn here, but I can type between 60 and 70 wpm so I hardly feel that I need to "brush up" on my skills.
I'm almost confident that someone in this class is going to go to administration to complain about the instructor... because everyone is very dissatisfied with the class or the lack thereof. When class is over each night, the gals gather outside and talk amongst themselves... about what they're NOT getting out of it and how they wasted their money.. I do agree with them but of course I'm the optimist who believes that better days are coming. It's to a point where the teacher sits up at the front of the room at her desk, and you can hear the faint audio coming out of the computer speakers.. clearly indicating that she's on the internet. I highly doubt it's related to class. Our first set of med term words to study consisted of, I wanna say, about 30 words... and of those 30 words, we were tested on 10! So now do you see while we're all at odds over this class?! God forgive us if we're being too hard on this woman.. but I don't think so ... yet.

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