Friday, October 03, 2008

TGIF Friends!!

My work week officially ends on Thursday at 5 p.m... and yesterday for some reason I just couldnt wait for my week, let alone, day to end! Not sure what my plans are today besides cleaning the house, my room and taking my comforter to the laundromat.
I've learned way too many times that it's just too big for the washer we have.. and we have a regular household washer. I don't really miss the days of laundromats and carting our laundry to and fro, but I'll take a book with me and I'll be fine.

My niece has been telling me all morning that we are going to Chuck E. Cheese.
Really? Mommy is at a meeting for work, so Baby M and I made breakfast together.
It's her new thing.. she loves to help in the kitchen. Last night she came out while I was preparing dinner and said "Dee, I wanna make dinner with you". So we cut broccoli, shook the chicken (shake -n- bake Italian flavor, you ,must get it!).. and then we made stuffing. I confess: it was instant, but good nonetheless. I love it when she sees me making dinner and pulls a chair up to the counter. It's just precious. She knows that we don't put the chair near the oven... it stays closest to the sink and she's not allowed to reach. But, oh, if she would only EAT what she helps make. Some days she's a great eater and others; not so much. Oh well... (I guess). She's going to a bday party in a couple weeks.. and I'll get to hang out with my fellow bloggers! LOL Looking forward to it. Haven't seen Aiden and Hannah since Aunt Nee Nee was here... so it'll be nice to spend time with them, and Amy.
She's an awesome Mommy. :)

** Note: In case you don't know, my niece calls me "Dee Dee"... Always has... and I love it!! She does know my name is Dawn.. but since she was able to mutter any words and then moved on to names, she has just always stuck with DeeDee. My other sister Gloria is GiGi. I often wonder if she'll continue to call me Dee Dee in years to come. She just might, huh?

Hope you have an awesome weekend!
My reminder popped up on my Blackberry this morning that the Stratford Fall Festival is Saturday.. Don't know if anyone's in the area.. but it might be nice.
Looks like fun!

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  1. two posts in one week? that's good for you=) sounds like you had a great morning with your niece...i love when the kids "help" me cook=) it takes longer but it's so worth it! hannah can't wait for her b-day party-she keeps asking, "what did you get me?" sigh...i hope that she doesn't conintue to ask for the next two weeks. anyway, i'm sure that it will be chaos but it will be fun=) since you have off on friday's lets plan a fall zoo trip sometime SOON!


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