Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rain.. Rain go away..

What a yucky day today. I rolled out of bed fairly early (if you know me!) and we were going to hit a matinée to catch Saw V but I didn't think I'd have the energy to sit there so we took a "rain check".. ha! literally I guess. I returned some tops to TJ Maxx that I never tried on and therefore had to take back when I got them home and they didn't fit. It's not too bad there - but my heart belongs to Ross! (the store that is) If I had to, I could honestly furnish my home just with Ross merchandise. Except for the whole sofa/loveseat and bed.. but I'm sure I could do a lot otherwise. Back to work tomorrow.. bleh. Can't wait for Halloween! Even though I'm not off like usually -- I'm working til 2 but the overtime's nice. I just need to get one of those $5 tees that they sell at Wal-Mart or Target so I can wear it to the office Friday. Someone's gotta have some spirit.
Hope the weather gets better - I don't like it dreary like this.

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