Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm freezing!

Sorry, I was drawing a blank on a title, so I used that one. It fits, because, well, I am freezing! First time I've worn a sweat outfit in a long time. Still hard to believe we're in October and we're still having some warm days here and there. I'm doing all my "blog" checking up and catching up this morning. Of course, I'm supposed to be working; and I am... Really!

My weekend was rather uneventful but that's nice. Friday was great! We went to Hannah and Aiden's bday party and it was lots of fun! It was Maya's first official bday party that she's actually attended (besides her own of course- but that doesn't count). She was supposed to go to one a few weeks ago and was under the weather. We had a good time - andAmy did such a good job with the party. We were blessed with such beautiful weather on Friday, it was truly amazing.. what a nice turnout. I also 'stole' a pic from Michelle that I'll post later on. I had to have it. :) Sorry :( Hope you don't mind.

In other news: I have a new favorite restaurant. The Continental in Old City.
Love it! I only had seriously 2 pieces of 3 appetizers that we ordered on Saturday night but boy oh boy, was it some good stuff! I have to go there again -- this place is awesome. The bar was nice too... there are elevators that lead up to the higher levels and the roof top patio that's filled with tables for outside dining.
Rather romantic if you ask me. My recommendation: The cheesteak egg rolls, the BBQ chicken quesadillas, (we also ordered the Calamari, but I didn't try it).
I'll be back later -- Work calls.

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  1. it was such a nice party wasn't it? i was a little lost--i still have a hard time conversing,eating, breathing AND watching two babies--it's a skill i have yet to master =)


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