Monday, September 01, 2008

Awkward Moments suck....

So if you read my previous post about my dad 'issue', then you know where I stood on things. Sorta. Well, as Thursday (last week) I still hadn't conjured up the nerve to call my dad. Even though I was really concerned about him and wondering how he'd been, I guess it was my stubborness and pride that kept me from initiating any kind of contact with him. I'm still very disappointed with the whole event and how things "went down" <-- slang, sorry.

So anyhoo - I was outside with the puppy the other night and it was about 10 p.m. and up comes my dad in an attempt to drop off some mail for my brother. It's my thinking that he came that late because he knew (so he thought! lol) that there was no chance of running into any of us. And there I was! So long story short, he pulled up to me, made himself known, and we talked. For a while. I'm sad to report that he's not feeling much better these days and is in a lot of pain. He says that the PAD has him in such a state of discomfort that he just simply can not function with even the simplest of tasks anymore... even for a few minutes. If you're just checking in; you can see what PAD is here
So, the PAD coupled with the, COPD,and now the LUPUS, has really got him feeling really bad.
I was just so glad to see him that I would have never addressed the issue with my brother. Sure, it gets to me at times and sometimes I just want to go over to my dad's and stepmom's house and lay it all out on the table, but I can't do that to my dad. I know how frail his health is right now.. and I won't do anything to compromise it anymore than it is. I can leave that up to my step mom..... after all; she DID call here the night that my dad was in the hospital after having his last stent put in. He's laying there in a hospital bed recuperating, and she's on the phone leaving a message for my brother to "call her".. I can only assume, with the utmost confidence, that she was calling to "give him the heave-ho" right then.
But no, she waited for the weekend after. Yes, the weekend that followed his high school graduation..

So, anyway...Dad's going in for another surgery... This time it's Bypass.. I know he doesn't want to have it done, but the cardiologist thinks it's the best.
I hope so.. because I can't stand to see my dad in this way. I want him to be able to "live" again. I've said a lot of prayers and I'll continue to do so..

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