Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Spark People

Just another quick post... for all of my weight loss buddies.
If you haven't checked out the website, Spark People, you must!
I joined about a year or two ago and got away from it but today I just went back and started my page back up. You should really check it out if you're looking for a little or even a lot of support with your goals toward weight loss, a healthier lifestyle and the like. I think it's a wonderful site where you can connect with other people who have similar goals and can share your progress, tips, etc..
I can't even list all of the features that Spark People offers. From nutrition trackers to weight loss tickers, to fitness plans... you can search for a Fitness Buddy in your area and everything. If nothing else, at least go check it out and see what you think. One of the best parts of it: It's TOTALLY FREE!!


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