Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Baby, baby, it's a wild world....

A bit late in posting this news ......... My brother graduated high school!
It was June 18th to be exact so yes, I'm a bit delayed in sharing the awesome news.

Very exciting and very emotional time! I think I may have been the only in the family who was choked up. Either that, or maybe I couldn't tell the difference between sweat and tears. It was held in the gymnasium because the principal thought that rain was coming.. It didn't but it was still held in there anyway. And it was SUPER hot that day. They actually brought in bottled water to sell.

It was a nice ceremony and I'm happy for my brother.. Hard to believe that he is already 18 and going out into the world as an adult. He's not a little boy anymore. *sniff*

If you're reading this ... and you remember Ben as a baby/little boy... here is a picture of him NOW.


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