Sunday, March 23, 2008

Delayed Reaction

I can't believe I'm just now remembering that we went to Sesame Street Live!

It was 3 weeks ago but it was so much fun! --
Of course I was welling up with tears when it first started, because it seems everything that I end up doing for the first time with my niece, that's a real Kodak memory, I usually cry. What a sap I am! Just like when we went to Johnson's Farm last summer and Maya was picking blueberries. It's an inside joke with me and my sister now, but we both had a good tear-jerking that day! It all started when I said that I'd hoped I'd "have that memory forever"... and it was all downhill from there!

Back to Sesame Street Live with Elmo:
It was a really great time - I enjoyed and so did Maya and my sister. I was really captivated by the performance of all the Sesame Street characters... there were so many kids at this I was overwhelmed by little people! lol

Some kids started to get a little antsy after a while because they'd sat long enough and were ready to go, so that was cute to watch too. A couple kids were really into it at some points would run toward the stage! I had mentioned to my sister how funny it was that there were actually guards sitting on chairs at the stage... and I'd remarked that it was somewhat like a concert.. only that I'd hoped no kids would rush the stage and start a mosh pit to the tune of Rubber Ducky~

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