Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What the hell did I eat going to bed!!??

Had such a peculiar dream last.. Not really up to posting all the details right now but I will. This will serve as a reminder when I see this post again.

It might even have been borderline dream/nightmare. And as with any dream, when I awoke, I tried to figure out what thoughts or events led to that dream - I remembered soon after searching my mind.


I'm disappointed that I didn't post yesterday! I had so many thoughts racing through my mind yesterday - what better time to blog! But I was so busy at work I just didn't get a minute to do it. This is why I need a laptop. I can write on my breaks/lunch hour at work, I could write while I'm sitting in bed at night. Now I can hardly remember ALL of what I wanted to post yesterday - of course one of the subjects that stands out, is the one that brought on that very strange dream. I guess it wasn't "strange" per se, but it was deep. If that makes any sense.

Well, back to work for me. I'm over the hump! Thursday can not get here and over soon enough. Tomorrow, I'm doing movies & dinner with a friend from work. That's always a nice release. Boy, can we women talk forever!

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