Sunday, February 10, 2008

The weekend? You mean It's over?!

Kinda bummed that I didn't make my weight watchers weigh in on Friday. Slept in a little and then went to Olde City with my two favorite girls! Maya had her first ride on the train.(Speedline)... it was really cute. I think she liked it. I only say "think" because she didn't really express her feelings about it either way. It was way too cute how she held onto the seat in front of her.. we got pics! I'll post as soon as I can get them on the computer. We went into Olde City to get lunch at Pizzicato (Yum! Our fav place) and then we went into the Constitution Center Gift Shop to get Maya a souvenir of her first trip to Philly! We even made one of those cool pennies in that nifty machine that they have where the penny comes out all stretched?? Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

Saturday was a lazy day for me... Well, not lazy, but I did nothing but wash pretty much. I ran to the deli and got some cold cuts for lunch and concentrated on getting the mountainous load of laundry done. Jeff and I went to Chester (casino) on Saturday night -- I was winning. Not much. But I came home with nothing. I was up $45 on a penny machine, which wasn't bad.. last time I was at $75 which is even better!
So yes, back to work. I've laughed a lot today. I don't know if I'm just tired and giddy or what, but I've been really releasing some endorphins today! Good for me.

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