Sunday, November 11, 2007

Still spinning.....

Things are still nutty around here. Life has really been a whirlwind this year, but I hope, with 2008 quickly coming up on us, that it will be a much better year than 2007 has been. I've had a lot of happiness this year but I feel like the sadness has kept up with it, running a close second all the way.

I'm a little discouraged at some of the decisions that are being made as a result of some of the things that are taking place... but I know that I have no power to change those things. I just wish that those involved would use better judgement and really consider a situation before taking any big, abrupt steps and making decisions that could affect their lives and the lives of others in the long run.

Some days, and not often, I find myself feeling overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness.. like I want to be able to "fix" everything. I realize I can't do that but I really want to make an effort to try.. I had one day this weekend, where I was struggling with some emotions and I just knew that I was going to break down but I managed not to.. I know I should have let it out because it always feels so much better.

On a good note, I've been getting food together from family and friends to add to the baskets I'll be giving to the needy this Thanksgiving. I got a really nice reception from friends at work who are really eager to help in my task.
There's really only about 3 families I have lined up so far but if I only fed one family, it would still be enough.

Have a Great Sunday & an even better week!

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