Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weight Watchers .... Take 2

Well, I finally recruited someone to go to WW with me! I'm so excited - I really think that I'll stick it out this time. I don't know why I ever left the last time but it always helps to have someone to go to these things with.. so hopefully we both stay committed and really get some great results!

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I think we'll do well .. We both really want to lose weight and we both need to.
We're at a point in our lives where we want to lose the weight and hopefully keep it off. The meetings help because it gives you that support environment and you get a lot of information out of it... other members' insight and great stories of weight loss and reaching goals. I know it's just a matter of deciding to do it and then setting your mind to it and accomplishing it.

I'll keep weekly updates on my progress... hopefully with cool little tickers and charts!    The webs free Diet Log

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