Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Coming to know Him

So far, so good with my confirmation class. I feel like I'm learning alot as I go. I have a lot of questions each week - either after I read the assigned chapters in my book or when we have class on Thursday. Luckily, J is very knowledgeable and I'm able to discuss things at length with him.. which helps me to better understand and hopefully comprehend things...

I don't know how my fellow 'class mates' like it; but I really enjoy when we go over the discussion questions at the end of each assigned-reading chapter. It gives us a chance to discuss personal views/feelings on various topics.. and it's enlightening to hear what others have gotten from it..spiritually/emotionally.

I found that I need peace and quiet when I decide to sit down and read my book - or I can't fully concentrate. I highlight and make notations on the topics or phrases that interest me or that I have questions about.

Even though it's not complete, I do believe that I'm coming to know and understand Christ as I've never before.
It's such an enriching journey I'm on here ...

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