Monday, August 06, 2007

My Niece

Yes, I'm going to brag about my niece again. I will do that until she's in high school and then probably still after that...

She is just such a constant source of joy in my life. Even on my worst days; I come home to see her smiling face and suddenly I forget what brought me down in the first place.
Everyday is such a learning experience - she learns something new or says something new with every changing day. I will probably never know what it feels like to love a child through a mother's eyes, but it must feel much like loving her through an aunt's eyes. I often think about how innocent she is and how precious the time is that I get to spend with her, laughing, playing, acting goofy. I love it when she calls my name - when she comes home with Mommy and starts to look for me all over the house... (I'm usually hiding!) I feel so blessed to have this precious little person in my life. God truly sent a gift when He sent Maya Ashley to all of us.

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