Sunday, December 03, 2006

Follow up to the test post

So - the biopsy results came and went. Dr said that my glands in my cervix were 'very large' which was cause for concern.. She said that it could lead to cancer in 4 to 5 years. So she put me on Progesterone for 3 months- I have to take one a day for 3 months and then get another biopsy to see if it 'reversed' the glands or the growing of them??.. I guess that means shrink. Not real sure. She says if it works- then we'll just put me on the pill from here and on out and I'll remain on it. I get really angry at myself because I was supposed to be on it all along and kept taking myself off of it because I had reservations about being on it for a long time. All those side effects that they list on the literature.. etc. I should have left it alone and kept taking it as prescribed. Now I may have messed things up for myself/my health. Hopefully this will straighten it all out for me!! If you're reading this; say a prayer for me.
I have about 8 days left of the Progesterone and have to schedule another biopsy after I've finished.. Which will fall right around the next week and a half or so.. Do I really want to do the biopsy before Christmas and get the results around Christmas or wait til the new year???? Ugh- decisions, decisions! There's never a good time to get bad news.. so I might as well suck it up and make the appt as soon as I can since I know I'll be done the Progesterone in a week.

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