Monday, August 28, 2006

strange occurences?

This is actually going to be about 3 stories that I have read just in the past month... I don't know if it was cases of coincidence or what... But this is what I've learned...(all of the events have occured in SJ or PA)
There was a case of man who was killed while riding his motorcycle. Upon getting the news; thevictim's brother (also on a motorcycle) rushed to the scene a couple hours later only to be killed enroute to it. Apparently there was a backup due to the accident and he rear ended a car.

I also just read (today) the other two stories-

A 22 yr old Navy Officer was killed by a drunk driver on his way home from MD to NJ..
... shortly thereafter, a highway memorial was erected in his honor... A few days ago, it was destroyed when a drunk driver lost control and slammed into it.
{That one makes me wonder if the previous victim had something to do with it.. Good job John!}

The 3rd and final story-
I read today that a high school football player was left paralyzed after a spinal cord injury sustained during a football scrimmage. The strange side to this? Also in the crowd that day was another former high school football player from the area, who also was left paralyzed as a result of an injury sustained during a College Football game.

Well I just had to make a note of all of that- it was bothering me .. I had to share it with someone.
In any case- I'll say a prayer for the injured ball player.

God Bless

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