Monday, December 26, 2005

Introducing: ME

Ok, so this is the first day of my blog here. I have been looking for a website that was secure and pretty known. Hopefully, this site is it! I guess I'll find out huh? I haven't tried the whole blog thing yet..except for the one I have on MySpace, but I know that I will be here mostly every day and sometimes more than once. I have always kept a journal. Mostly cute little diaries when I was little and then as time went on it was any notebooks I could find. Now as I've matured, I've really started getting into the fancy shmancy journals that Barnes & Noble offers. However, I find it so much easier to record my thoughts via the keyboard. Why? I'm not sure. Just me I guess. So anyhow: to all my fellow bloggers: please comment on my thoughts anytime you'd like. There will always be something new and interesting to tell.

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