Saturday, November 09, 2013

Rimmel Mascara Review!

So, as I stated before, with my recent post, I was lucky enough to a receive a VoxBox from Influenster.  In it were lots of goodies!  I can't say that I didn't shriek at every product I saw in there.
One of my favorite items had to be the Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara. Now, I'm one of those gals who always answers "mascara" when you're asked to name the one makeup item you couldn't live without.  I just feel like mascara would be the one thing to have in my bag, if I were only allowed ot have one makeup item.   I'm also picky with mascaras - I like to shop around and try out new ones but I'm also kind of cheap, so I find it hard spending a lot of money on a mascara, only to find out that it wasn't worth all the extra pennies.   Lately I've been sticking with Rimmel mascara because it hasn't disappointed me once.   And the price is wonderful! 
So, when I opened my VoxBox and saw a brand new mascara from Rimmel, I was elated!  I couldn't wait to try it and man was I glad I did.   It made my lashes longer than they have ever been.  I've always envied women who have long, beautiful lashes and are able to really exxagerate them with the right mascara.  Well, as soon as I started applying the Retro Glam from Rimmel, I was so impressed! It made my lashes look amazing!   They looked longer than I know they really are!  How awesome.
A few of the plus sides were that this mascara DOES not clump and it still is able to add volume without the weight of clumps or caked on mascara.  I have caked on mascara before, when the brand just wasn't working for me, and it's annoying to see that clump on your lash all day.  Right?
So, if you need a new mascara and even if you don't, you have got to try the new Retro Glam by Rimmel.. You won't be disappointed!  It's available in stores this month.. so check out the website and see where you can get it.   click here to find the BEST MASCARA around.

And when you do, come back and let me know what you thought!  I uploaded a picture, it looks a little funny, but it was just for you to see how great this procuct is!  I'll upload a better one later...


** I received the Retro Glam mascara, complimentary from Influenster, for testing purposes**

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