Sunday, August 18, 2013

Precious Keepsake

When my sisters and I met with the funeral director, who handled Mom's services, we were shown a brochure for a keepsake collection called Thumbies.     From a company called Meadow Hill Company.
As soon as he handed it to us, the question wasn't "Did we want one?" -  it was "Which one did we want?"   We knew there was no debate; we had to have one.    And what a precious piece of Mom to behold.
We each ordered a charm that is imprinted with Mom's full thumbprint.   I couldn't wait to see these in person and when they finally came in yesterday, I was so eager to pick them up!  
I'm so happy with it.    I truly feel like I have a part of Mom with me and what really moves me is that my 7 year old niece, Mom's granddaugther, has this precious memory, as well.   It means so much to her, knowing that it's a part of "Grandmom".    As you can imagine, it's been very hard on her to accept that Mom is gone.   She was so close to her, having lived with her and spent all of her 7 years of life, thus far, with Mom, so often.
I think it may help all of us with our continued coping.   Things still feel so fresh and the loss is still so painful, but each day is a little easier and this has really touched us so much.    Everyone I have shown, whether in person, or via Facebook, is enamored with it and wants to know where they can get one.    Most of them have long ago, lost someone they loved, and  wished they'd had the opportunity for such a nice keepsake - but they can, from what I understand!   I read on the brochure, that the company can actually obtain past prints from various sources as well!   So, there is still hope, folks!  

You really must check out the company and see for yourself....  Click on Thumbies!  
I posted the picture I used on Facebook too.
You probably cant see it that well but it's stunning in person.   I think I may even order something else in the
near future!    

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  1. Hi Dawn, that is so neat! What a great idea. Not sure if it is the angle of my screen or the photo or what, but the picture looked like a HUGE (HUGE, haha) diamond... I first thought, WOW what a rock haha... but actually your mom's thumbprint is prettier and way more cool.


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