Wednesday, February 13, 2013

what's your sacrifice?

I know that Lent doesn't apply to all my blog friends but if you're a practicing Catholic, you've probably contemplated what you're "giving up" for 40 days. Or maybe you're still not sure! I asked my sister yesterday, what she was giving up for Lent and she said "NOTHING"... I gasped out loud and said "You're not willing to sacrifice anything? After what Jesus gave up for you??" - She chuckled and responded "No, I'm sorry, Sister Dawn". I have many things that I should learn to live without, even if just for 40 days. Last year, a friend of mine gave up Facebook for Lent. I could do that. Or could I? I chose to give up soda this time around. It doesn't seem like much but it is for me. - and hey, maybe I'll lose a few pounds! I could've given up foul language but not sure I could've done that either.. My life is pretty stressful right now. I know that is a lame excuse, but anyhoo --- We'll see how I fare with this for the next 40 days. It really shouldn't be so hard to sacrifice things that we think we can't live without - for only 40 days! Think about what Jesus gave up for us!

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  1. Good luck with the soda thing.. as a coca cola addict, i can attest that is difficult. i've been working on the language thing for years, haha.. that's a huge vice (especially when i get around certain people).oh, and does your sister know mine?? Sure sounds like it... my family thinks i am a bit nutty. i think i will be fasting serveral days a week, but taking it on a day by day basis. I want to get closer to God, and I want the side benefit of losing weight, nothing wrong with that, right? i heard on the radio, (when asked what are you doing for lent?) they said, "I'm doing cancer." that really made me feel bad. the point was that some people are really suffering and they don't have a choice of what to give up, they just have to get through one day at a time and that is sacrifice enough. I hope your mom is doing ok. god bless.


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