Thursday, November 29, 2012

Life happens...

ever so quickly. There's no pause button, to allow us to savor certain moments. There's no fast forward button to get past the pain and hurt of things or to advance to the good things that are waiting for us. There's no rewind button to take us back to a point in time that we wish to do something over, or differently. It just happens - and we deal with it as it does. The old saying was that there were no do overs in life. I believe that to a degree. I also believe in some instances, we do get those chances to take a different path. It doesn't always happen, but how great are those times that we can. Life, this year, so far has been anything BUT uneventful. Where do I even start? In the beginning of the year, my husband almost lost his father. It was a simple, outpatient procedure that millions of people have done every day and yet there was a "glitch" with his. Or a mistake? Who really knows. In any case, he spent several weeks in the hospital and at times we were almost readying for his passing. Of course, when these things happen, you want to be optimistic and hope for the best, but you also reach a point where you say, "Ok, we can't live in denial, we need to start accepting it". But, lo and behold, through the bond of family and the prayers of many, AND the Lord above, he came home to us. A little rusty at first but things are back to normal, for the most part. : ) SO thankful that God didn't decide He needed him more than WE do. ........ To be continued.....

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  1. Hi Dawn! Keep on writing... :-) Isn't it crazy how fragile we all are??? There but for the grace of God go I... Have a great day today!


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