Monday, May 23, 2011

Hangin' Around

I'm still in the blogosphere - But I've been doing a lot more reading than posting. Not that I haven't had anything to share. Heaven knows, that I always have something to say. Just ask my coworkers. : ) I'm glad that May 21st has come and gone... that crazy guy had me a little on the edge of my seat. I'm glad that some INTELLIGENT people were able to soothe my mind. Thanks Michelle. I can't say I believed it entirely - and when we went to church, our priest made fun of it - so I knew that I shouldn't believe it one bit. But this guy was somewhat convincing. I'm embarrassed to even say it. Nothing crazy has been going on in my life but hey there's always something to share.

- My sister went to Mexico for a wedding a couple of weekends ago. She loved it and sent me some pictures. Ugh! They were so inviting - I want to go where the water looks like that. Beautiful. She had a great time, but missed my niece a lot.

- She missed the awards event where she would have been presented her nursing award but I guess she couldn't help that it fell on the same day as the wedding. She was given a surprise party at work and they gave her the award there, along with a monetary award. She bought herself an iPhone. : ) She was going to save the money but I told her to just throw caution to the wind and buy herself something she really wanted. She totally deserved it - She worked hard for it. I'm very proud of her for receiving that prestigious award.

- We're still doing things at home - Working on projects and such. We want to tackle the basement next and get some sheet rock put up so we can build walls down there. It's almost finished as it is but the carpeting was pulled up before we bought the house because it took on water. Yuck. They never finished closing up the laundry room etc.. so it's all just open right now. My husband loves that he has a work shop though.. that's nearly closed off - it has a door etc. As with all home improvements, you do them as you get the moolah.

- I often think about adding another dog to the mix here because I feel like our doggie is lonely sometimes .. but with that comes more responsibility - More vet costs, meds, and since I just started paying back a student loan, I should just focus on that. They get ugly with that stuff.

- We went to a graduation party this past Saturday and it was a really nice time. I didn't know ANYONE (except our friends that invited us). These two really sweet women invited me over to sit with them because I was sitting alone. I was fine by myself but they insisted that I sit with them, saying they knew what it was like to not know anyone. They were so nice.. we had some really good conversation. The party was out in the "country" sort of. I'm not used to the quiet and the distance between houses, and no civilization for miles! Stores, etc.. : ) I'm a city girl. I need noise and traffic and stores on every corner.

- I've been steady looking for another job and haven't had any luck so far. I did get a call about one position but it was a per diem position. It was more of a vacation coverage deal. I have a full time job so I can't take something like that and lose hours as well as my medical benefits. I've always wanted to be in the medical field, in a clerical position, but it just hasn't happened yet. I don't HATE my current job... I just have a different career goal for myself. Even with the schooling I've recently completed to help me get into the field, I still haven't hit anything. I guess if it's meant to happen, it will. I know my resumé could use some polishing. I haven't told anyone at work that I'm planning to leave. I feel kind of bad about that but I know when it comes down to it, every one's just worried about Number 1. Who will have to do my work??

- Our friends just bought a travel trailer and I'm in love! They paid just about what we would for a used car and it's beautiful! Brand new and so nice inside. Made me think about getting one day, some day in the future. They have 3 children so they really like the idea of just packing up and heading out for a nice weekend of camping with the family. They even said they're going to venture to Disney this summer. Evidently, there's a Walmart close by and they let you set up camp in their parking lot, if you have a camper? How cool is that.. Free lodging! I've never been a camping fan - especially NOT in a tent but I could easily adapt to the trailer. Something we might consider in time. Or it could be one of those things, where it's a short lived fascination.

- My niece who was born in November is growing so quickly! I love her to pieces and wish I made more of an effort to visit. She is such a happy little girl - My sister and her husband have been blessed beyond words. I'll post a few pictures. Too cute not to share!

- At the graduation party, I got the old "So, Dawn, when are you having kids?"..
I wish people wouldn't ask that. I've never asked anyone but maybe it's because of the position I've ALWAYS been in. I just wish that people would realize it's a touchy subject and not broach it.

- I fret I may never get out bed today because I just turned on LMN and now I could be wrapped up in movies ALL DAY. No way, I have to clean the house. Open the windows, turn on some music and get this place in shape.

- I called in sick today - I've been having such issues with my stomach lately. I went to the doctor some time ago and had mentioned that I had a lot of reflux. Now it seems to be getting worse and really affecting me lately. I guess I have to go back and let her prescribe me something for it. I really don't like to take meds if I don't have to but it could lead to damage in my esophagus or something so I shouldn't take a chance. It's been wreaking havoc. Not fun.

I guess I should get started on housework -- I can't dilly dally all day. Or can I?
I've gotta catch up on my blog reading too. I like to stay on top of what everyone's doing. Hope everyone has a great week! The weather's going to be nice.

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