Thursday, January 06, 2011

Early Weekend

Well I called in sick today - I have a sucky sinus headache and I really just wanted to lay in bed all the live long day. I finally roused around 9:30 or so and decided I should be doing something productive at home since I wasn't doing any such thing at work today. So I threw the bedding in the washer and I cleaned the kitchen a bit. Heavens to Betsy, my kitchen floor is linoleum and it's driving me crazy to see how it just doesn't come as clean as I'd like- so I decided today that I really need to scrub it on my hands and knees. Who does that anymore? Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders on that kind of stuff so I guess I'll be off to the store and hopefully getting that floor all spic-n-span before the weekend's over. Other than that, my weekend plans include maybe having a sleepover with my niece & having my cousin and her husband over for dinner on Saturday. That should be nice. I love to entertain - so I hope they don't cancel. I was planning to go all out and make a nice big dinner but we have church at 4 so I may opt for pizza instead. Kind of cheap of me but it's much easier to visit and socialize when I'm not prepping and then cleaning up a messy kitchen. Right? Right. Guess I better get my butt off this computer chair and start tidying up the rest of the house now. Happy Thursday; it's almost Friday.

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