Sunday, December 05, 2010

I said Hey, What's going on!

I really want to sit here and blog until my fingers ache because I have so many things to say but seems I forgot one minor thing when I was at the store just now. Uh -- dog food. Seems it's quite vital to a certain furry-someone's continued thriving so I must take off my comfy slippers and stretchy pants and head back out in that crippling cold BUT not before I at least leave you with a quick update - of sorts. Here are some things off the top of my head:

♥ I found the Beth Moore book "So long Insecurity" at Walmart for a great price but didn't buy it for myself because I was sort of Christmas shopping. I may get it for Christmas though. It's on my list. (I don't really have a list)

♥ I have tickets to this Friday's taping of the Dr. Oz show - I was stoked when I finally got through on the phone a month or two ago and COULD NOT wait to go! But now, I don't think I will be going. For starters, I couldn't find anyone to go with me and I don't think I really have the extra duckets for the bus up there. I'm a little disappointed. I love the Dr. Oz show.. I think he's pretty awesome. If you click on the Pay*Pal link on the sidebar, please feel free to donate to Dawn's Dr. Oz Show Bus Fund".

♥ Someone posted the following on her Facebook status this week: "I realy need a job. Does anyone know of any place that's highering" Oh. My. Word.

♥ My niece made a placemat in pre-school for Thanksgiving and on it there were leaves to write names in. Names of those whom you're thankful for - and yes, I made the cut! I was so touched. My sister sent me a picture of it. She even wrote my name herself. Well, she doesn't call me by my real name.. which is even cuter.

♥ My niece also just was awarded Student of the Month. My sister had a serious case of Proud Mama! And I, of course, was one PROUD aunt.

♥ We have all our lights and tree finally up BUT my OCD is coming out and I'm having a hard time dealing with the rearrangement of the living room and how certain pieces of furniture are where they just don't belong or LOOK like they belong.

♥ I had my heart set on a job that I was pretty hopeful for..But I called 4 days after I applied and they'd already filled the position. Not nice. I prayed on it so I know that I didn't get it because it just wasn't right.

♥ I finally got out with a great friend of mine last week - It was so nice to sit and talk and catch up. We don't get to do it too often but it's awesome when we do. We always laugh and have great conversation. We went to Moe's SouthWest Grill & it wasn't too bad.

♥ I played a prank on above mentioned friend today. She had left a private message for me on Facebook about how she was sorry they couldn't make game night but it turns out she's started a new medicine and it has her constipated pretty badly. So I called her today and told her that she didn't send me a private message, that she in fact, posted that on my WALL for everyone to see. Well, after she gasped louder than I've ever heard and said "OH NO!" I just busted out laughing. Is it bad that I waited all day to call her and do that? She knows me though, so she wasn't upset.. she thought it was funny in fact. I should have at least let her run to the computer! haha

-- Ok, I've written too long and I don't want to get up early to make eggs and bacon for my pooch, so I'll conclude here and head back out to the store. Bleh!


  1. Aww I wish I could go to the Dr. Oz show with you! Sounds fun :-)

    That is SO funny what you did to your friend on facebook. She probably would have been mortified if she wrote that on your wall for the world to see.

  2. If I lived near you I'd go to that show with you! Kudos to your niece and I'm laughing hysterically at what you did to your friend! hahahahah

    Love, Mere


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