Friday, November 12, 2010

I need a swift kick

I really want to write a new entry but I'm just not in the right mind today. I know sometimes, my bloggy friends do a bullet post to catch up on things, so I've opted to do that! I promise I'll be a little more interesting next time. I'm just trying to do some laundry and clean house today.

So -- what's been going on in my world:

- My oldest sister, who is 36, just had her first child. AFTER not thinking that she would ever have children. She had a beautiful, healthy baby girl on Monday night! She was born @ 8 lbs - 8 oz on the 8th! Pretty neat, eh? She was born at 7:45 so she just missed 8:00 which could have been really cool! I love her already & can't wait to see her again!

- I applied for, interviewed today, and was offered a part time job. It's for evenings, a few hours, for a cleaning company. They mostly clean offices, etc.. so I'll be on my own, after hours, and pretty much can choose my schedule. I almost didn't go to the interview today but I really would like to have some extra money for Christmas and such.

- I'm still looking for another FULL time job. Yes, to replace my current one. My drive to work is just too much anymore & I haven't had a raise in 2 years. Granted, I know other people have had wage freezes too and I understand that but I don't make nearly enough money.

- We sort of rescued a Basset Hound & fell in love with her.. but when we really sat down and thought about it, it wasn't fair to her for us to keep her. If we did, it would have been selfish on our part. We were not home enough for her - with the needs that she had. We rehomed her to some mutual friends we know and she is doing beyond WELL! They love her and are so grateful to us for allowing them to bring her into their family. NO SHELTER!

- I really got away from going to church for a while.. and last weekend I made the effort to go back. I went to confession first and then we went to Mass. I love going to church - It's always so refreshing and I always feel so calm afterwards. It helps me to focus on things in life. It brings alot of things into perspective. I pray A LOT .. even when I'm playing hooky from church. It gets me throug a lot.

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