Sunday, November 14, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Post #2 - Tattoos/Piercings

This is the entry where most of you, if not all of you, *gasp* in shock! Ha! Maybe not..

Let's see, I have a tattoo on my right leg that I absolutely LOATHE. It's actually a cover-up. Yes. When I was 19, and madly stupid in love, I actually had a name tattooed on me. How freakin' stupid, right??! I know. Trust me, I do. No one was going to talk me out of it. I was going to marry this guy, have his children, live happily ever after. (no idea where he is today or what he's been doing with his life).. But, yes, I did it and then I regretted it. I had the name 'Joe' put on my right lower leg and it was really small. Just the name & it finished with a little red heart. Then years later, as time went on, I regretted it and my mom offered to pay for a cover-up. Well, I was suckered into a much larger tattoo, to properly 'COVER' it. Sure. I wish I'd just kept it as it was. After all they say that tattoos are memories of times/events in your life, right? In MOST cases, maybe. That name was so small and I didn't mind it as much as I mind the one I have now. I hate it. If I had the money, I would get it lasered off. I don't wear shorts much in the summer and when I wear dresses or skirts, I try to get them long enough to cover it. I'll post a picture.. it's ugly. And it hurt like hell!
As for piercings, all I have is my ears pierced. Twice in both. BUT, In the summer of '98 I was feeling a bit daring and I had my lower lip pierced. I originally went to get one of those small little balls put in.. it was simple. But the shop was all out of those, and I was really anxious to get it done, so I settled for a small hoop. Most people are shocked to find out that I had my lip pierced. I actually kind of liked it at the time. But it didn't last long; I took a job for the summer in Wildwood and I was waitressing, so they had me get it removed for the job or I had the option to wear a band-aid. Ewww. Would you rather have your meal served by a girl with a lip piercing or wearing a big band aid on her face? So, that's the story of my tattoos/piercings.

** my leg looks really fat & proportioned oddly - it was my pant leg doing that, I swear.

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