Tuesday, August 17, 2010

over the hump

Yep, today is my hump day. Thank the Lord. I have so much to blog about and I haven't the time I wish I did to really get caught up. I have been so out of character lately; I hardly know myself. Not sure what the deal is.. but I've been using the old hormone excuse. In my case, it truly is though. Everyone seems to annoy me anymore. Well not just anyone.. mostly people who were ALWAYS annoying but I have started to let it get to me. So unlike me.. and I'm not liking it. I'm trying to figure it all out though. It's the stupidest things sometimes that really send me. Take for example, tonight's catching up session with all the blogs I read. I almost felt compelled to comment on someone's blog and tell her to shut the hell up. Ha! I read several different blogs, most of which I actually "follow".. but occassionally I click on a few that I often read but am not actually "following". So I read the one blog, of a gal who is one of the best moms I 'know'. And by 'know', I just mean that I have read her blog long enough to be able to come to that conclusion. Love reading her blog.. it's always filled with witty posts and chock full of stories she shares about her children. She adores them to pieces. Then I find myself landing on another gal's blog and am always irritated to no end that all she does is BITCH. I mean, really. Complains about everything. It seems, (totally my opinion) that nothing is ever good enough. And people in general appear to just annoy the hell out of her. I know some people are just made a certain way and it may just be her personality but I wonder if she realizes it? You often don't see any comments after her 'rant' fests because I can only assume no one really has anything to say to it. She doesn't strike me as someone who appreciates the effort her spouse puts out to provide her with a comfortable life. Very ungrateful is how she actually comes across. It's kind of sad actually. Everyone wants to be happy. So, that was my rant. Sorry. I shall find the old me in the next few days and get back to my regularly scheduled blogging. Hope you're having a super summer ~ it's almost over. Wahhhh!!

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