Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy 2010

Well, the New Year is here and we brought it in with just a few friends.. some good food, Pictionary and Catch Phrase. It was a low key New Year's Eve and I'm glad it was spent with some good friends. I can remember years' past when I was young and New Year's Eve parties were off the hook. Now we're all growed up and we have more sophisticated gatherings.
I suddenly realized the other day that I can get to Blogger from work anymore. I stopped posting on my own blog a while ago (from work) but I still read all my favorites every day. So Sunday I had read them all and then went back to refresh a short time later & it was being blocked! So now I guess I have to wait until I get home to catch up and post. I wasn't posting for a while at work because I know that our history is monitored, for the most part, and it was like leaving my diary out on my desk for everyone to read. I guess if they wanted to, they could still see my history on there and read my blog... which is really ok because I don't say anything detrimental to my job or anything bad about my company. Just a privacy issue with me I guess. You always want to have that mystery to yourself. Anyhoo, I'm home today and I was yesterday as well. I came down with something and I feel really crappy. Someone at work was getting sick last week and I guess she got it good because she is out until Thursday. I'm just stuffy with a headache and my body is a little achy. I can say that it doesn't feel real flu-like but who knows at this point. I am just praying that it passes quickly and I can get back to work. Yuck! I don't like being home by myself with idle time. I could be at work, being productive. So much going on. I need to keep busy. We've got 3 months until the wedding and it seems like it's crunch time now. I'm fretting every little thing. I'll have to post on the wedding blog a little later. For now, I'm gonna go curl up on the couch and rest.

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