Monday, December 14, 2009

The find

So last Friday my sister & I went on quite-the-adventure. We ventured to a little town just outside Ocean City, NJ to pick up the pictured items! Funny story, funny story. HaHa
On our travels in the past few weeks (or more), Jeff’s expressed an interest in these vintage Christmas decorations. He really wanted one and just didn’t know where to find them.
Everywhere we went, we’d see a house that had one or two or many on their lawn or around their home. We knew that they were SUPER old and thus, hard to find. The stores no longer sell them, that I know of.. so it was off to Craigslist I went. I checked for a few days and actually was able to find various ones on there. Turns out they’re called Blow Molds. Glad I can actually call them something besides “those old plastic Christmas decorations”. {I’m impressed that April knew what they were.. being so young and all. HAHA} Even though I have no idea what a pizookie is still.. But… back to the subject at hand…
Many people on Craigslist that were selling these things, wanted a MINT! I guess since they’re considered vintage at this point, they knew they could get good money for them, but I wasn’t prepared to pay a lot of money for any of them. Most of the sellers who had them at a reasonable price had already sold them by the time I’d seen the ad and inquired about them. But then on Thursday, there was a woman who was selling them at $7 each or all 5 for $25! I was sure they’d been sold for a couple of reasons… 1.) they were SO CHEAP and 2.) the ad was already about 3 or 4 days old. But I reluctantly emailed the seller and said “Please tell me you still have these available”…. Well, she did and I was stoked!! So when Friday came, my sister and I set out to go pick up my awesome find! It was a road trip and a half! Of course, it wouldn’t be a “road trip with Dawn” unless we got lost a few times. We didn’t really get lost, per sé, but there was a couple times that we started to take a wrong road and quickly recovered. But, alas, we found the house & the blow molds & it was so worth it. It was a surprise – Jeff had no idea where I went or what I was getting. We came home & scattered them on the lawn while he was in the bedroom getting changed… and then I brought him outside & let him see them. He was really surprised and excited. He immediately started testing them and configuring where he’d put them all. Turns out that there were 3 Santas but they were all a little different so it was ok. There was also a toy soldier and a snowman.. my favorite! I have to take some more pictures of them all set up, but for now this will have to do.


  1. OMG we totally have those here! I should have mailed you some! Love the pics :)

    A pizookie is a little piece of heaven haha.
    It's like a warm cookie (you pick the kind you want) with ice cream on top of it. They put it in this cute little tin and it is absolutly amazing. They also have mini pizookies where you can get 3 different kinds of cookies with icecream. Now I'm cravin one! haha

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