Friday, November 20, 2009

Lookout Weekend

Yeah, that's it.. I'll start titling my posts with song titles! Like the one below. Well actually that was a group but I'm sure there is a song with that title. If I can do it without dating myself, I'll tell you that "lookout weekend" is actually an old Debbie Deb song. Geez, I can see myself now - at the roller rink flying around in the floor and jamming. Well, enough of that reminiscing; it makes me feel old. It's Friday again and I've got a busy day lined up for myself. I'm supposed to have lunch with my 'aunt'.. I call her that but she's not. I've just known her since I was a wee little girl. She's almost 80 now, so she's more like a grandmother I suppose but just as well. So we're supposed to do lunch and some light shopping & I also want to pick up a couple things while I'm out for Jeff's birthday which is Monday. Old geezer's going to be 41! Just kidding. Good thing he doesn't read my blog, or does he?? I don't know what to get him... but then again I do & just am too cheap to get half of the things I know he'd like. Sure wish I'd won the lottery last Friday. Ya know, when I FORGOT to play a number that I had???! Oh, I was pissed about that. The weather seems nice right now, and I'm thinking I probably shouldn't have the back door open right now, but the air feels great.. (even though the heater is kicking on every few minutes). I just paid my bills online; I feel like I missed something & I guess I'll figure out what it was when I least expect it. Damn. I guess I'm off to get a shower and get headed out soon. I cleaned the house last night (the Thursday ritual).. so all I need to do this weekend is run the swiffer throughout the house and do some laundry. Love having hardwood floors because I don't have to run the vacuum on carpets but sometimes I don't know if it really is the better of the two. And talk about dog hair! Heavens! By the time I'm done cleaning the floors, it looks like a gremlin has attached itself to the bottom of the swiffer! And I want another dog? I think I should invest the money in getting my head checked. Happy Friday - Have a great weekend! I'm off to peruse the website for the Black Friday ads.. The one I go on, you can even create a shopping list and then print the sucker out at 3 a.m next Friday while haphazardly grabbing a cup of coffee and draggin' ass out to the car.

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  1. OMG that black friday website sounds amazing!!!!!! I looked online last night for some deals and didnt find anything!


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