Saturday, August 08, 2009

Back to fill you in

The past few weeks have been nothing short of 'eventful'. In good and bad ways. But I try to see the good over the bad in everything. It was against my better judgement initially, but Jeff and I decided to buy a house.... before we get married. So way back in April/May we started looking and after several homes, we decided on "the one". Well, long story short, rather than getting into all the details, all I can say is that it turned out to be NOT "the one". So NOT THE ONE. There were some things that needed rectifying before we actually BOUGHT this house, so luckily the owner offered to rent it to us for a few months while we waited on those certs. Well, I can not say ENOUGH, how relieved we are that we were tenants before owners. Once we got into the house, there were more problems than we could have imagined. Details later. Maybe. I guess in retrospect, I think I might have had some instinct that we weren't going to make this our "home" because I never fully unpacked my boxes. Literally. I'm still getting clothes out of boxes in the morning when I dress and everything else, that is not a big piece of furniture, is still sitting in a neatly packed box... just waiting to be taped back up. In all of this, as much as I wanted to scream or cry, I've prayed every single day. I think it's because of praying and giving this all to God, I've remained content. Even though this is not what we planned and now feel that our lives are being turned upside down, I tend to see the positive and I know that there is a greater power in control of this. I keep telling Jeff that. Yesterday he said he's so upset because he feels like he's lost the control, doesn't have a hand in this anymore.. like things are just whirling out of control. But I told him that someone IS in control and does have a hand in ALL OF THIS. I think he believes that. I hope he does. In the beginning, we prayed on this house alot. We asked God to help us along and totally accepted that whatever happened, it was His will. Even now sitting here thinking about packing up our lives AGAIN and figuring out where to stay for the next 2 or 3 months, we still have Faith that there's a plan. We may not know what it is, initially, but I believe it will come about. Yes, that's the part I left out. The owner has agreed to leave us rent the house for the balance of August and has also agreed, in writing, to return our "good faith deposit". We just need to figure out where we're going to stay for a few months (or maybe more)... until we find a house and make settlement. We've decided to put all of our things in storage for now.. and we're definitely getting a U-Haul this time. One trip. So today, we're meeting with our realtor, once again, to check out some homes that we'd like to check out. Wish us luck. Say a prayer.

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