Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding --- affectionately titled "Take 2"

My older sister got married yesterday. This is #2 for her but I hope that this time is the last time. I mean that sincerely... I'm not taking a shot at her .. I'm sincerely hoping that this is the man for her. Her last marriage was a bit unstable. He was a nice guy etc.. and we all welcomed him warmly into our family but there was some trouble in the marriage and unfortunately it became too much that it was irreparable. I keep poking fun about it to her that she's already married twice before I'm married once. The irony also is that her divorce from her first husband hasn't hit the year mark yet either. Geez, woman! But all jokes and puns aside, I do wish nothing but the best for the two of them. We all went yesterday morning to their ceremony in a nice little boro park where the mayor officiated. We then all met at Villari's Lakeside for a luncheon and to celebrate. It was a nice time and I'm glad that my family was all there. Well, with the exception of my brother who had to work and wasn't able to get the time off. We didn't get too many pics at the reception but I've posted some. The one of my dad, my niece and my sister is my favorite! I've got to get some copies and frame it.

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