Thursday, June 04, 2009

Love & Marriage & some other things to note

As if Jeff and I didn't have enough on our plates right now; we decided to really take a dive and we're now house hunting. I think I may take up drinking! Nah, the stress is not all that bad, (yet), I think we're doing ok. I've only got a few more things to iron out with the wedding & I'm not really letting it drive me batty. Things will work out just the way they should. I pray A LOT and ask for the guidance and wisdom to handle all the things He is sending our way. I know we're not in this ALONE. The house hunting has been quite an experience so far - to say the VERY least. We looked at a total of 4 homes over the last weekend and I actually had forgotten about the two that really sent my head in a whirl. I think, honestly, they were that traumatic that I blocked them out. Seriously. To be short and sweet but cut to the chase, and what's probably the real icing on the cake here... We went to one home and they had a dog. No problem right? Nope. He was friendly, if not just aloof. Didn't care that there were strange people in his home, he just sat on his little stoop in the window and let us do as we pleased. Well, evidently, he'd also "done as he pleased" at some point in the day before we arrived. Oh yes. There in the living room, sat not one, not two, but THREE small piles of dog doo! I almost went right back out the front door. At that point, any desire I had to give this house the once over and check it out, had just flown right out the window. Holy Crap. Literally. Ah, but that's not it folks. What? There's more? You betcha. Fast forward to Monday evening. We arrive at our "first" showing of another home. Awfully cute, well kept, quaint. It, unfortunately, was way too small. I could have never survived it. Too bad it had a 1/4 acre of land. Not so bad if I were going to live "outside" the home. Much more room to move. Leave house #1 and venture, just down the block to house #2. Note: I have this thing about going to "see" a home that is occupied. And by that I mean that the residents are actually home at the time of the showing. Realtor arrives on the steps of this home (#2) and she knocks. I look up and see a head in the window, curiously peering out to see who is knocking. A few more minutes pass, a young guy answers the door. He's a bit out of it, it seems, but he takes the realtor's card after a quick "hi, I'm the realtor here to show the house". We walk in, he walks out. The house? Structurally? Not all that bad considering that there are about 4 college aged, beer drinking, poker playing guys inhabiting it. And yes, I say that all based on the obvious facts. Beer bottles of every brand, flavor, country lined the living room wall. The dining room table was adorned with handwriting in every Sharpie color ever made, while the ashtray and poker chip caddy sat smack dab in the middle of it. Cardboard cut outs of movie characters were in the living room. (which by the way scared the shit out of Jeff and then me on the walk back through).
Cosmetically? The same as the latter. We've made our way through most of the rooms at which point we're now at the bathroom. (of which I couldn't really see the floor for all the Maxim & FHM magazines). Jeff walks in & I immediately say "Oh my Gosh, it smells like weed in here!"... Jeff laughs and says I'm crazy and that it's something to do with the bathroom. Oh really? Like what? Mold? Marijuana laden water? Not. But I digress. Next up? The laundry room. Hmmm... let's see, nice paint, no problems, washer & dryer are fairly new...... wait, what's that? OH YEAH! Now do you smell it dear??? Not only was the smell of pot as strong as heck, but it was enough to probably ( although it didn't) give all 3 of us a contact high. We all did laugh about it but the more I thought about it, I was kind of irritated. Obviously, we'd found the "smoking" room and obviously the guy in the window had been "indulging" shortly before we arrived. I don't know if he was embarrassed -- I'd say probably not. But I was almost embarrassed for him. Needless to say when we got outside, I told the realtor and Jeff that I suddenly had the munchies. It was one of those funny things that happen in life ... but the concept of it wasn't funny. If that makes sense. I'm fairly confident that these guys were renting this house & I'd be willing to bet that the owner will never know of this incident but in all honesty, I think he should. It's not a good impression for prospective buyers, that's for sure.

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  1. House Hunting...isn't it a blast!=) Sigh, we're hoping to never have to do it again. It's amazing these houses that you go through and the people that live in them, you won't what they are thinking with some things! We have quite a few interesting stories as well, HAPPY HUNTING! You'll know when it's the right one, kind of like your wedding dress=)


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