Sunday, June 07, 2009

Just so you know

I didn't fall off the wagon ... but I did skip my weigh in last week. I was supposed to go on Saturday and it didn't quite work out the way I'd hoped. I'm going to really have to buckle down this coming week so that my results are chart topping. (as far as my own progress is concerned). It's been tough.. with all of summer's goodies floating around.. not to mention those Cider Donuts that Amy was talking about!
But I'm on to my program again this week. Nothin' to it, but to do it~ Not sure where I heard that but I didn't make it up - honest. It helps that Weight Watchers has all of their own brand of food products. It makes the points counting so much easier. I know they make money that way, but people like the idea.. so, it all works out. Things have been rather hectic lately. So much to do with the wedding planning and now that we're house shopping. sheesh, I hardly sleep at night. Well, I really never did sleep well, so now it's just a little worse. My dad also is moving this week. I think he and my stepmom make settlement this Wednesday. Happy for them to have found a cute little place to call home. I'm sure they'll be happy. My dad will have his plants and his veggies going full force in no time at all. He prides himself on that. Don't mess with a man and his garden. I remember years ago & I'm talking first-house-we-ever-lived-in years ago, my dad had a garden at the back of our yard and he had all his tomato plants in it. Well, our neighbor had a pesky cat that she allowed to be inside/outside.. and it would get to my dad's tomato plants all the time. He'd finally had enough and invested in a BB Gun. Now that I think back, that was NOT cool..and now I'm questioning why I even shared that with you~ Guess I was just trying to share (?). Oh and I'm on Twitter now. Why? I don't really know. I guess it was just another application that I could add to my Blackberry. It's pretty nifty though. Updating all day long telling a bunch of strangers what I'm doing at any given moment? I've blocked more people than I can count. Weirdos mostly. Advertisers too. Big time. I hope no one has blocked me - I would be really insulted.

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  1. Why does working out and eating healty have to be so hard? I hate it! Haha. That is funny about your dad and his garden. I bet the food from it is soooo good though! I just recently started twitter..I tweet funny things people say throughout my day. My twitter name is aprilstotle if you want another follower ;)


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