Sunday, March 01, 2009

Is there a Support Group....

For Facebookers!? Good Lord, I am seriously addicted to this. I thought, when I first was introduced to MySpace, that it was quite addicting but Facebook? I've gone to the extremes of downloading the application on to my BlackBerry and now I have all the status updates etc.. at my fingertips. I'm really getting concerned.
I can't go for any period of time without looking at it while I'm working. It's bad my friends! I even went to the diner yesterday for breakfast and saw a gal that I've been in touch with on FB and I sent her a wall post because I knew she has the app on her phone too and would get it within seconds! How funny is that!??
I'm amazed at how many people have reconnected etc.. I'm talking to people on there from high school and such, that I never even looked at twice back then. I guess we all grow up.
Then last night we went to a local bar/restaurant/hangout to meet up with some of Jeff's friends. It turned out that not only was his graduating class there but so were a few other years. This place was jam packed - thank goodness we got there early and were able to 'claim' a table. I had a really good time meeting some friends of his.. etc (well, some of them).. we'll leave those details for another time. But, where was I?? Oh yes, the FaceBook thing. Well, I'm pretty much done with this post.. I just had to share my story with you. In closing, here are some funny pictures that I just have to add.

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  1. OMG I'm a facebook addict too! We should start a support group. Luckily my phone doesn't have internet or else I would have it on there too haha. That is a funny story about searching for "I do what I want" I'm glad you found my blog again though :) I'm also glad you updated yours because I missed reading it!


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