Sunday, March 15, 2009

Concert w/ Mom

Friday I took my mom to the Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge Concertat Dennis Flyer Theatre in Blackwood. It was by far one of the best shows I've been to. Most people my age probably have no idea who this group is but I grew up on oldies music so I'm a pretty big fan. I love their songs! Practically EVERY SINGLE ONE.
I waited all night to hear my favorite song and I was convinced they just weren't going to do it... but alas! it was the last song they did. Well, if you don't count the encore, which by the way was kind of moving. The really cool thing about this whole night was that my mom had no idea where we were going or who she was going to see. Here's the story: I'd seen the announcement for this show a while back... and I mean, a LONG time ago. Last year sometime. So I saved it to my Outlook calendar and the reminders were popping up every so many days leading up to the actual night. I kept dragging my feet and putting off buying the tickets until last Thursday. Yes, one day before the show! Stupid? Probably. But anyhoo, I got the tickets online at Ticketmaster and am pleased to say that I could not have gotten better seats if I'd bought them when they went on sale! We were in the middle section which is the best because you can look straight ahead and you're not off to the side. Our seats were seriously in the 2nd row from the stage, (technically).. I say technically because they set up folding chairs (3 rows for the alum at the college, who were privy to such seats.) My mom LOVES Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge and once we even attempted to go see them when she had a comp at one of the casinos some years back... but we got tied up and never made the show. But here we were on Friday ... and I never told her where we were going. I told her a few weeks before the show that we were going 'somewhere'. I asked her to be ready and that it was a surprise. Well I really pulled it off. She had no idea until about 5 minutes before showtime. We even arrived at the doors where there were greeters handing out flyers with the information on it and I quickly intercepted it, asking the lady to not give my mom a program because it was a surprise. Well this poor woman obviously thought I was a loon because she looked at me like I was crazy. Oh well. So we sat down and all my mom could see was a stage with all of the band set up. Nothing else. No flyers, no banners.. NOTHING. So then the emcee comes on and welcomes everyone.. at which time he announces 'them'. To say that my mom was shocked would be an understatement. I thought she might cry. I think I might have. So we sat back and enjoyed the show. Listened, sang along, swayed, bobbed our heads, etc... it was a fantastic show! I wish I could go again.

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  1. How exciting! That is so awesome of you to surprise your mom like that! I can't believe she didn't catch on until the last minute...I love when things work out like that!


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