Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love............... Valentine's Day

And no, it's not because of gifts. I'm not really one for gifts. I like to give little trinkets/treats out for V-day but for the most part, my love of Valentine's Day simply has to do with the idea that it's all about L-O-V-E. Truly. I'm a big fan of anything 'hearts'. Valentine's day is just fun. Just for kicks, you should go to a local CVS (or the like) the night before Valentine's day.. You will get a kick out of the all the men lined up trying to find a card at the last minute. It always makes me laugh.. No offense, guys, but it's a known fact. Really. So anyhoo, as for us (Jeff and myself).. we're just going to lay low for this Valentine's Day. We've decided to stay in, have takeout (from somewhere yummy,to be decided) and we're going to watch FireProof. I decided on that one. I think it's going to be one of those movies that you should watch with a spouse/significant other. For some reason, before I even heard any reviews, I decided that I wanted to see it. It looks like a very moving, spiritual movie. I will definitely post my review. In other news, I took this Thursday off so that means my work week ends tomorrow - Woot! My mom and I are having a night out.. and if we end up being out later than anticipated, I don't want to have to worry about getting up bright and early for work in the morning. Ah, a 3 day weekend! Nicey.

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  1. I LOVE fireproof! It was such a great movie and def. a tear jerker during some scenes. I also held my breath during some of the firefighter scenes and almost passed out in the theater from not breathing haha. It is so so good though and worth watching! It really hit home for me since my bf is a fireman...now if I could only get him to watch it haha


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