Sunday, November 02, 2008

I passed!

Inspection, that is. I really didn't think my car was going to pass because I know I need new front tires and possibly even an alignment. They kinda go hand in hand, no? Anyway, I asked my mom to take it through since I had to work on Saturday, and when she called I thought for sure that she was going to read off the list of why I failed. But no, I passed. To be honest, I said I prayer at my desk yesterday and basically I told God that I knew what I needed to do to get my car in safe/sound condition and I promised I would do it, but just not to let my car fail. I truly believe it was by the grace of God that I passed.. I also prayed for nice weather on Halloween for the kids and for it to be a safe uneventful-in-a-negative-way day, and it turned out just as such! I'm tellin' ya, people.. prayer works.
So long as you're not just praying when you need or want something... <- (my opinion)

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