Thursday, April 03, 2008

Long time gone...

In yet another attempt to update the software on my BlackBerry Pearl, what better way to pass the time than to get on with the updates. Jeez, I haven't been on since like March 24 or something like that. Love to say that many exciting things have happened since then, but nope.

I just read Nate's blog, (for those of you who know who he is) .. and I literally gasped when I read that Tricia had her double lung transplant! I missed going on for ONE day and I miss the most important update! Please pray for everyone - (including the donor's family). I pray that Tricia "accepts" the lungs and there are no signs of rejection. I trust that God is on their side.

So, my birthday is this month. Yep, going to be 32. I feel like I'm still 25 sometimes. Age, after all, is only a number. I'm trying to plan a night out in A.C. with family and friends and I hope it all comes together and everyone comes out for a night of fun. I know 32 is no significant birthday but who needs a milestone birthday to celebrate? Jeff is turning 40.. So I'm working on getting something together for that as well. Any ideas - throw them at me!

I can't get on here as much as I'd like anymore.. The laptop is still down and being looked at. And turns out that we can't get on a lot of the sites we were used to at work. The IT dept has been making a real stink and they're "watching" us. So we had some non-chalant pep talk from our manager about personal sites, etc... etc..
MySpace was mentioned more than once, so that is a big no-no. That's a tough one.. I told my manager I'd prefer they just block it entirely because I have no self control with MySpace! hahaha.. But really, I'd rather not be able to access things like that and Blogger because I'm not real keen on corporate seeing what I write etc etc.. I mean, yes, Blogger is there for the world to see but it's just the whole idea that we're being "tracked". It's creepy. But it's company policy - we know the rules and we must abide by them.

Well, tomorrow begins my two days off. What to do? Maybe just hang around the house and watch movies. Trying to save money. Evidently my car needs brakes. It's shaking when I start to brake. Not a good thing. I've always said I wish I had connections with a dentist, mechanic and doctor. Seriously.

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