Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stop the world...I want to get off!

Things are so crazy here lately. I can't believe how things have taken such a turn from this time last year. I know life's about changing etc.. but that's gotten a little out of hand now.. I have a million things on my mind - trying to sort things out and figure out how I can help lighten the burden on those people whose live's are in turmoil.. I just can't seem to come up with a quick-fix.

Both of my sisters are getting divorced. So that's always a tough situation.
I hate that my niece is in the middle of one of them. I know that's not what my sister wanted to ever see happen. It really sucks.. Such an unfortunate situation for both of them. I hope that somewhere along the way, they both find some contentment in their lives and if eventually they find someone to share their lives with, then so be it.. I wish them all the happiness they can possibly handle!
They didn't deserve to be dealt such shitty cards but they're handling it the best they can I guess... I just don't understand some people - mainly men in this case.
Who make big life decisions and then just decide that they want to reverse it? It doesn't happen like that...

And women?!! Women who move in on married men! It just makes me physically ill.

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